The Marketing Partnership

Press Relations

With over 20 years experience in PR we have developed excellent relationships with editors to ensure exceptional coverage for our clients. With our engineering background we can easily translate increasingly technical products and applications into appropriate and exciting copy for the target audience.

We have developed strategies for helping clients overcome one of the most difficult areas of PR – obtaining the end-user project information and approval. Working directly with our client’s own partners and their customers, we can significantly reduce the overhead of this activity and gain excellent material for press releases and feature articles.

Even if you are currently using a PR agency, we could still help you reduce your costs and improve your coverage.

The Marketing Partnership designs and maintains professional, informative and cost effective websites, from simple brochure sites to database and eCommerce solutions. We can also provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), email and hosting services.

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Design & Print

We can provide a complete design and print service that combines good design with great copy, including:

• Literature and brochures
• Catalogues
• Packaging
• Point of Sale
• Newsletters
• Stationery
• Posters

A good advertising campaign can help raise the profile and brand awareness of your products and services. However, we are aware that advertising can be one of the most expensive parts of the marketing mix, whether in print or online. So we always endeavour to create campaigns that have visual impact and maximise the available budget. Our specific focus in just a few industries enables us to negotiate excellent rates and position.

It is also important to use advertising in combination with your press campaign to leverage good PR coverage.


Our in-house studio gives our clients access to a cost effective service for product photography for use in literature, advertising and websites. We can also provide an art direction and coordination service with local professional photographers for larger projects or location shoots.

We also have excellent in-house Photoshop skills for re-touching photography or producing creative montages.

The Marketing Partnership has extensive experience of direct marketing and can provide a complete service including mailer design and print, research and sourcing of mailing lists, fulfilment and response management.

We provide a total exhibition service for shell schemes through to larger purpose built stands. This includes liaison with stand designers, contractors, press and exhibition organisers and provision of display graphics and other stand requirements.